Monday, 2 May 2011

Gallery Wall

Well I finally got off my butt and hung up the pictures I've been amassing for the past few months.
I had a vision of creating a gallery wall, but knew I didn't have quite enough frames to make it perfect.

In the end, I decided that having something up to enjoy would be preferable than waiting around for perfection.  I reasoned with myself that I can always rearrange and add to it as I get more pieces that I'd like to add.

It's hardly complete, but it makes me so much happier to look at than the previous picture arrangement.  You guys already know how Ross hangs pictures.  The only photos we had hanging in our living room were a giant portrait of Ross' parents, an outdated picture of his niece and nephew, and one of he and his sister as children.  It was hardly representative of us.  It was basically stuff that his parents had* and he threw on the walls when he moved in.  The ornate gold frames weren't really fitting with our decor either...

So here's what I did...

I made newspaper templates in the size of each of my frames, Young House Love style and taped them to the wall to test my layout and make sure it looked of.  I even wrote what each frame had in it so I could be sure the arrangement was mixed well.  Once I was happy with the layout, I started hanging and ended up with this...

Now before you send me a message, I know.  Two of the frames are still gold.  I need some more paint.  I want to mix in more older photos and art to give the wall a better mix.  I hope eventually it spreads across the entire length of the wall.  

And now, some close ups of the pictures.  Starting from the left.

Upper Left: Us during my first visit to Manchester, Upper Right: A portrait with my family from our wedding
Lower Left: Ross & his sister, Lower Right: Art showing kids playing on a Manchester street

Top: Generational Wedding Photos (see more here)
Bottom: A photo of us leaving the church after our wedding.  I mounted it on silver wrapping paper, which I'm not in love with.  I'll change it out for plain white cardstock eventually.

Top Left: Photo booth pics of us, Middle Left: Me and my brother as kids,
Top Right: A fav portrait from the wedding, Bottom: A photo from the day after we got engaged

As usual, if felt so good to finally get a project going.  I should know better than to hold out for perfection!

Does a desire for perfection ever hold up your progress?

*One of the biggest challenges we've faced in getting our home organized, decluttered, and generally pleasant is the amount of stuff that we have.  Sadly, Ross' parents have both passed away.  This means that our small 2 bedroom flat contains lots of stuff.  Some of it is lovely, but most of it isn't really our taste.  It's very difficult to sort through, though because it's charged with memories and emotions.  It's definitely a process.

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