Friday, 20 May 2011

Anyone know why?

This may or may not become a series... where I ask for help or insight from my readers.
We'll see.  I make no promises.  I'll do what I like! ;)

So I was out shopping today.
(You guys- I actually tried on jeans!)

I was in Peacocks, which is a pretty inexpensive store.  Their clothes skew a bit young and cheap, but you can sometimes find a good deal.  As I was looking around I wondered, not for the first time, about something...

I thought maybe my loyal readers could help me out with the wondering that a wondered.

The question is to do with tops like these:

(Yes I've posted this before. What?  It's super-cute!) 

In America, generally, these kinds of shirts would have letter sizes.  Like S, M, L.

In England, they've got number sizes.  Like 8, 10, 12, 14, 16....

In this case, the American way seems a lot smarter- at least from a retailer's point of view.  Fewer variations of an item means more profit, right?

So, any ideas?
Why is this random thing done differently?

What weird little differences have you noticed?


  1. Because It's a size, like pants, try googling it for actual inch sizes

  2. Haha... Thanks Anonymous. I realize that it's a size and I am familiar with what the sizes mean. I just meant more generally, why is there this difference? Letter sizes vs. Number sizes.

  3. i think it's more bust-friendly?

  4. I LOVE shopping in England.. first, I live in the northern midwest US, an area in the middle of the north woods. I'm also a plus sized girl... I have walmart, shopko, k-mart and jc penney... not much of a selection for me. When I visit Somerset, there are so many shops with clothes in my size and they are fashionable! Also, my feet are smaller in the UK! woo hoo!!! :)

  5. I love the fact that most shops actually sell "tall" pants. I can't even find those in stores in the US. The only think I hate is that UK sizes are smaller, so a 9 here is a 12 or 14 there. OUCH! But I get over it pretty quickly when I find it in tall!