Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WFW: So much love!

I am very lucky.  Lots of people love me.
This has never been more clear to me than leading up to our wedding.

My bridesmaids (though I hadn't officially asked 2 of them yet) organized an awesome, low-key engagement BBQ.  My parents were able to come up and Ross' Uncle Jeff was even in town for a visit.  It was a great event filled with friends, hanging out, and even a few toasts that made me cry. (Cause that's sooo hard to do...)

Clockwise from Top L:  Me with 2 of my BMs, Me and Ross toasting, 
Us looking happier, Us with my parents

I had 2 different groups of friends from my church throw me parties.  One was a more traditional shower and the other was a couple's cocktail party.  Both were super-fun and I was blown away by all the effort that my friends put into them.  For some reason, I don't have pictures from the couple's shower.  Why is that?  I know they were taken... Must email some people.   Both showers took into account our international move.  The ladies shower requested "small, easily packable" presents and the couple's shower had a wishing tree- which basically means that people gave us money.  Awesome.  But seriously, spending time with people that love us was the name of the game.  I truly treasure the women from my church.  It's great to have women of all ages that you can turn to for support, advice, laughter, and love.

Clockwise from top L:  The ladies chatting, Awkward present opening (but awesome gifts), The great English Tea inspired shmorgasboard, the tea bar in action, more chatting, a happy bride-to-be

Next up was my bachelorette party/hen do/lingerie shower.  My MOH Micah did an awesome job of incorporating some British traditions in honour of my sweetheart.  Hen nights usually involve some sort of dressing up, and since my party was on Halloween, we went with a "Witches & Bitches" theme.  The BMs and I dressed up as witches or historical/literary bitches.  It was great, laid-back fun.  First we went for mexican food, then back to the Hotel Belmont for fun and spending the night.  

No captions required for this event :)

The next morning, we had continued the fun with a lingerie shower.  Unfortunately, lots of people weren't able to come. Boo!  But they sent presents, so I had plenty to open. Yay!  Sneaky BM N put herself in charge of pictures, so she's barely in any.  

More awkward present-opening pics.  Note to self: wear some of this stuff once in awhile... 
it's just sitting in a drawer feeling lonely!

I can't begin to say how awesome all these events were.  It's one thing to know abstractly that people love you, but it's totally amazing to feel it so openly on display.

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