Sunday, 1 May 2011

SYTYCD so far...

...So good.

I think the UK version has definitely taken some notes on how to improve this series.  First of all, the quality of dancers is WAY higher than last year.  Secondly, they are including the clip packages prior to the dance this series.  Last year, they didn't use them and I think it really helps to draw the audience in to see the dancers learning a bit of the choreography and hear a little about what the dance is supposed to be.  You also get a bit of insight into the dancers' personalities.  There have been a few exciting dances already and I (of course) have my faves all picked out.

My absolute favorite is this tapper with style and charisma and technique for days.
Sadly, he is paired with my absolute LEAST fav.  Charlotte Scally.  Ugh.  She's cha-cha-chavy.  Tacky blonde extensions, giant fake eyelashes, and orange skin.  Also, sloppy technique and an "adorable, bubbly personality".  

She's not awful, but I find her grating and her technique flaws (throwing, rather than placing her legs and her un-pointed feet in particular) just really bother me.

However, I fear she's going to make it a long long way due to her partnership.  What is really a shame is the amazing routines we're missing out on.  If Matt were teamed with someone else, I think it could result in something truly outstanding.  For now, I'll just have to settle for watching Matt rock it.

All in all, I'm feeling more positive than expected.  Let's hope the season gets better and better!

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