Monday, 16 May 2011

Eurovision- The reality

I have to say, this year's Eurovision was somewhat low on "say what?" moments.  The evening was certainly made more entertaining by the snarky commentary of Graham Norton.

The only act that was truly inexplicable was the submission from Moldova.  As Graham said, they were "so lucky" to make it through to the finals...

That said, they scored shockingly well.  They ended up just behind the UK with 97 points.

The winners were a pop ballad from Azerbaijan.  They scored 221 points.  Here's the official music video for the song:

Graham noted the fact that it's probably a very good thing that Azerbaijan won the contest, as they are one of the few countries that can afford to host next years Eurovision.

The UK finished in 11th place with 100 points.  This is pretty respectable as it's 10 times their score from last year.  Jedward finished 8th with 119 points.  

My favourite part of the evening was the opening performance by one of the hosts, Stefan Raab (who Graham described as the "Simon Cowell of Germany").  He did a jazzy, hip cover of last year's winning song Satellite.  It was pretty cool- at least once you get past the "comedy stylings" of the hosts.  At the end you'll see a bunch of girls waving flags.  There's one Lena impersonator impersonating each country involved in Eurovision.  You can get a sense for how huge the audience is.  They transformed a football stadium for the event!

What do you think the members of the Moldovan band were smoking?
Any idea what their hats were about?
Also, did you even know there way a place called Moldova?  I sure didn't...

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