Friday, 29 July 2011

30 years ago today...

The world watched enthralled as Charles and Diana got married in what is still considered by some to be the wedding of the century.

We all know how this fairytale ended up going horribly wrong, but you gotta recognize that the wedding day was spectacular.

It struck me when I read about the relationship of Charles and Camilla, that is actually quite romantic.  That these two people have loved each other for so long and through marriages to separate people, only to be reunited in the end-  it's like out of a cheesy romance novel.  
Yet people certainly didn't feel warmly towards Camilla.  (I think this is better now than it was, but she keeps a fairly low profile and will never be beloved in the manner Diana was...)  Probably because Diana was so loved and the marriage fell apart in such an ugly and salacious manner.
I think it's partly because everyone was so mad that their fairytale didn't turn out like they expected.
Everyone wants a story to go the way it's supposed to.

Love them or hate them, the Royals are pretty fascinating and they sure know how to put on a party.

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