Friday, 1 July 2011

Make me blush

I've now made it through the supply of blush that I brought with me when I came to England.
Who knew that a little container would last so long?
Also, do you call it blush or blusher?  Ross referred to it as blusher the other day and it sounded strangely old-fashioned (but sweet).

I generally use Bare Minerals make up.  Bare Minerals is available here, but I'm not sold- both because of the fact that it has a staying power issue and the fact that it's a bit expensive. And so, I have been keeping my eye out for a new blush(er) for some time now...

 I'm not a label snob by any means.  I'm happy to use drug store stuff or whatever.  As long as it's a good color, good quality, and good price, I'm on board.  So when I'm at a grocery store or drug store, I usually take a gander at the make up section- just to see.  I've still got one travel sized inferior blush that came in a set with other make up that I'm using for now, so it's no huge rush.  

But I've started noticing something.  Apparently, British women don't love their blush as much as Texas women.  I see the familiar displays for Revlon, Max Factor, Rimmel, and then some other ones that are different in name (but hey- it's all the same crap, right?).  I see rows of foundation, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow... wait.  Where's the blush?  Oh, I see.  There are 2 choices at the bottom of the display.  That's it.  Seriously?  Where's the whipped blush creme, the cheek stain, the 10 different shades of pink to choose from?  I know these things are available in the UK.  Don't get me wrong, but they sure as heck aren't in the regular displays with the volume that they are in America.

What's up with that?

I guess I've noticed that, teenage girls in particular, tend to focus more on the heavy foundation and bronzer look.  I don't see many rosy cheeks out there on the streets of Manchester.  They're all opting for a more pallid, often orange cast to their complexions.  It makes me feel like my G'ma- thinking that these girls would look so much better with some color on their cheeks.  But they would! 

They really would.


  1. I barely ever wear make-up but I think the reason blusher (and yes, it's "blusher"!) isn't as popular in the UK is the weather.

    No, bear with me!

    In the US, people get rosy cheeks from the sun in summer and rosy cheeks from the cold in winter, so it's natural that they like rosy cheeks - they see them as a sign of health.

    But as you have no doubt learned, it's not easy to get rosy cheeks in the UK! Therefore, they're not valued as much and it translates into a lack of blusher.

    Or, since I don't wear make-up and don't live in the UK, this could be completely wrong, in which case just ignore me :)

  2. @Louise. Huh. That totally sort of makes sense. I'm willing to go with you on it. :) Though we have had some lovely warm cheeky rosie-fying weather lately!

  3. I don't have to worry about that. I have rosacea so i'm always looking for products that take the red out of my cheeks. It's good to know though. Vernon has a teenage daughter and you are correct on how the girls want to look. It's all about dark thick eyelashes, black eyeliner and bronzed faces.

  4. I agree with Louise! Not that I know from experience, but it makes sense!