Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WFW: My Turn Part 1

By now the bridesmaids had all been though the hair and make-up process.  While they started to get dressed, I hopped into the make-up chair.  I'd already done a trial with Erin (as well as my Bridal Portraits) so she knew exactly what I wanted ahead of time.  

I went with some super-long dramatic fake eyelashes.  On my wedding day, I figured I might as well go totally glam!

Before I knew it, my make-up was done and it was time to switch to the hair chair.

I knew it was about time for the boys to arrive.  They'd had a leisurely morning of sleeping late and having lunch at Cindi's Deli (one of Ross' fav places).  The photographer had just been downstairs to the room the boys were using, so I inquired as to whether everyone was there yet.  She got a nervous look on her face and said "nearly".  When I pressed, she said she'd said too much and didn't want to get anyone in trouble.  Don't worry.  Not long after that, I got word that Ross and Best Man Tom had arrived on the scene.

My hair took quite a while because I was rocking some awesome extensions.  Again- go glam or go home.

While I was getting my Rapunzel locks styled, Micah went on a delivery mission on my behalf.

Ross opened his wedding day gift.  In addition to a nice card and a copy of I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, I got him a fabulous fancy watch with a bright yellow face.

Ross sent Micah back with a little something for me.

Look at that duck.  My man is good! ;)

I showed off my pretty little something blue.  Ross gave me a lovely ring with diamonds and sapphires that had belonged to his mother.


  1. How sweet! :) You looked gorgeous!

  2. I'm sitting alone in my room reading this and I actually did an out loud "Awwwwwwwwe" when I read the part about the ring. You two are so sweet!