Thursday, 14 July 2011

Couple Portraits

Ross and I have quite a few pictures of us together since our wedding.

Unfortunately, they almost all look like this:

In the Lake District for Ross' birthday last August.

In the car last August

At Ross' cousin's 30th wedding anniversary party

Driving to Oxford

At the Duck Race

Ok, so this one is from before we got married.  
During my first visit to Manchester, April 2009.

At the Top of the Rock in NYC, July 2011.

So basically, we've got 3 types of self-portraits:  cheesy kissing, awkward car lean, and the standard side-by-side.  
Though I'd love to have more pictures of the two of us, taken from more than an arms-length's distance, it's awkward to ask a stranger to take our picture.  On vacation or in tourist spots we've sometimes managed it, but it just seems a bit weird.  Or is that just me?  

I guess we could get a thingie like this, but it's got it's own problems of awkwardness...

What do you do to get pictures of you and your partner?
Do you have 100s of (kissy) self-portraits too?


  1. The Mr and I actually don't have too many pics together. Seems like when we are together that taking pictures isn't really one of our top priorities. lol

  2. we always complain how we didn't get enough photos together. we try to get more but they are the arm length kind... and they all look the same except my hair styles and the backgrounds.... we don't really kiss in public, we are both shy about PSA. My favorite pics were taken by our friends while eating out... I use them often in my blog.

  3. I think out wedding is the only picture of us kissing evr... I've never reaqlly thought to document kissing.

    To be honest, we aren't often in the same picture, but that could be in part since we aren't really camera users.

  4. I ask strangers to take our picture all the time! It totally embarrasses Jon :)

  5. These are so cute and Craig and I are the same...we have loads of pics and all at arms length and awkward angles hahah but I love them anyway! its us...:)