Thursday, 7 July 2011

Stuff from my mama

So you guys may not know her, but my mom is a pretty cool lady.
I like her a lot :)
She has pretty great taste in stuff and is good about passing it along to people that she thinks will appreciate it.
In that spirit, today I'd like to share 2 of her recent finds.

She recently went on a trip to Indianapolis for work stuff.  At the airport she said there were these cool modern art stained glass windows and one of them had this poem.  She forwarded it to me (she knows I hate all that 2 become 1 crap) and I think it's just lovely.
So now I'm going to share it with you.


I will bring you a whole person
and you will bring me a whole person
and we will have us twice as much
of love and everything

I be bringing a whole heart
and while it do have nicks and
dents and scars,
that only make me lay it down
more careful-like
An’ you be bringing a whole heart
a little chipped and rusty an’
sometime skip a beat but
still an’ all you bringing polish too
and look like you intend
to make it shine

And we be bringing, each of us
the music of our selves to wrap
the other in

Forgiving clarities
soft as a choir’s last
lingering note our
personal blend

I will bring you someone whole
and you will bring me someone whole
and we be twice as strong
and we be twice as sure
and we will have us twice as much
of love
and everything

**selection taken from A DARK AND SPLENDID MASS
Poems by Mari Evans 1992

The other thing is a video she posted to Facebook yesterday.  I firmly believe in it's message and lament the fact that kids today seem to be less and less able to communicate clearly and in a well-spoken manner.  Our speech has power and text speak does not do it justice.

What good stuff has someone shared with you lately?

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