Friday, 15 July 2011

I'm Manchester's resident expert on Dallas

Earlier this week, we got an interesting phone message.

But first, a little background...
At the end of last year, Ross and I were selected to take part in a special day of programming that BBC Radio Manchester was doing.  We did a brief "audition" in the Takeover Taxi and were chosen to do an hour of programming for BBC Radio Manchester, along with a bunch of other people that were also picked.  It was super-fun and we had a great time doing it.  The producer was very friendly and seemed to like us.  We did our recording, it aired on January 3rd and that was that.

Back to the present...
Ross came into the bedroom as I was getting ready and played a voice mail for me.  He prefaced it only by saying that there was a very strange message for me.  It was a woman calling from BBC Radio Manchester.  She said she'd gotten my information from the producer we worked with previously.  They were planning to do a piece on the remake of Dallas and wanted to interview me about it.  

Just as I was about to call her back, the phone rang and I was saved the trouble.  She asked if I was available to talk to Becky Want at 3PM.  Unfortunately, we already had firm plans from 3 to 5PM.  The woman said she'd check to see if they could do something earlier and call me back.  Just as she was about to hang up, I stopped her.  You see, I had some information that I thought was fairly important for her to know before putting a bunch of effort into setting this all up.  

What was this information?  I let her know that I've never seen an episode of Dallas.  You see, when people here find out that I'm from Dallas they get very excited and almost always reference the show, so I was well prepared for her not to expect this.  I explained that it was a bit before my time.  And that they ran reruns of Dallas here much more extensively than they did in the States.  She awkwardly said ok, and that she'd be in touch.  

Though I knew I could still make for an interesting interview despite never having seen the show in question, I wasn't surprised when I got another message from the woman (very nicely) saying that they were unable to do the interview before 3PM and hopefully they'd talk to me sometime soon.  

Ah well... another shot a my 15 minutes gone :)

Have you ever been asked to comment on something because people assumed you'd have a lot of knowledge on a subject, even though you don't know squat about it?


  1. Meg I think they LOVE you there!!!! Texas girls just might be the best!

  2. Haha that's awesome :) Everyone in France and Spain thinks I watch Walker Texas Ranger Ranger when I tell them I'm from Texas...

    Also, did you see Sara's post on Dallas?!?

  3. Ha ha.. that is so funny! I am older than you and Dallas is even a bit before my time... I only remember the "Who Shot JR" thing. Sometimes I feel that people in the UK know more about American history and American politics than I do. I try to keep up and follow along, but feel really stupid when I have to respond, "uh... i'm not sure?"

  4. I love this!! I dont think i've ever seen an episode of Dallas either! I'm almost disappointed you didn't get to do the interview because I'm positive you would have had a funny story to tell us about it!!