Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WFW: Getting Pretty (Bridesmaid Edition)

Soon enough, our hair and make up artist Erin Blair Gobin arrived at the church.  She'd been recommended by MOH Micah who'd been a bridesmaid in another wedding where Erin had worked her magic.  She was a great deal and the fact that we didn't have schlep to a salon made for a much calmer morning.

Erin, who was pretty far along in her pregnancy, brought along everything that she needed and set up a beauty station in one corner of the room.

First in the chair was BM Nicole.  The fact that she had full hair and make up done is truly a sign of her immense love for me.  Though I know she was a bit uncomfortable wearing so much make up, she looked lovely.

Next up was MOH Micah's turn.

Micah was very concerned about the staying power of her cool updo and so put it to the test by jumping up and down repeatedly.

Now it was BM Cindy's turn in the chair.  A new mom, BM Cindy looked amazing all glammed up.

All photos by Shari Hunt Photography

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