Friday, 22 July 2011

Oriented to temperature

Back when I worked in mental health, one of the first things used to assess patients who came in for evaluation was a quick examination of their physical appearance.

I would make note of how the person presented themselves in my write up of the evaluation.  Not like a fashion critique.  Like how well groomed they were and if their clothing was appropriate to the season.  It was worth noting if someone was bundled in a sweater, coat, and scarf in the heat of Dallas summer.  Or in a flimsy t-shirt when it was sleeting out.  To be fair,we didn't get people this severe in very often.

But as I look around Manchester town centre, I wonder if maybe some of these people would benefit from a little evaluation.  I'm not talking about obviously, mentally ill people either.

Ross and I often joke that if you took a picture of a variety of people seen in town on any given day and then showed these pictures to a third party and asked them to describe what the weather was like that day from looking at the pictures alone, they'd be fairly stumped.

Now I'm not very good at taking unobtrusive pictures of strangers so I know present you with a selection of photos I found on the internet that are representative of actual outfits I saw this afternoon.

Yes, we actually saw a guy wearing this.  He was also wearing slim cut black trousers.

Bonus points if the control tops extend beyond the bottom of the shorts.

Especially if they've got a dropped crotch.

What do you think the temperature/weather was?
(And no cheating with the internet!)


  1. it's the same in London! Some people seem to never pack away their winter coats, and others are in shorts and tees May-September regardless of the temperature. Crazy!

  2. Ok I'm going to try 65*F/18*C? I went to San Francisco last December on a business trip, it was chilly and drizzly. My colleague and I were running around without coats! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! One day we even ate outside for lunch. It was 60-70* weather (16-21*C). We felt like we were on a tropical vacation! The folks from California however were bundled up in coats, scarves, umbrellas, it was hilarious! We came from waist deep snow and below freezing temps. That week back home in upper MI they were as low as 10*F/-12*C and as high as 21*F/-6*C so we were in heaven! And when temps get into the 20's it's a wonderful break because because when it gets down to the teens and below it can really be unbearable. People think I'm nuts when I say how much I LOVE the weather in southern England. They don't know snow and they don't know cold and I like it that way.

  3. just unfortunately stumbled across this blog.
    you may want to be a little less rude about the country you are living in, a lot of your opinions are just coming across as offensive.
    Maybe stick to the mundane updates about your wedding instead.

  4. @Anonymous, I'm sorry you dislike the things I've written. I've just re-read this post and fail to see what about it is rude or offensive. I intend all my posts to be read in the manner which I write them- namely light-hearted, and generally silly, funny, or tongue-in-cheek (with a possibility of informative).