Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WFW: In the meantime

While the bridesmaids were getting beautified, there were a few other things going on.

First off, our florist Le Fleur Couture arrived.  She set up the flowers in the sanctuary then brought the personal flowers (bouquets and bouts) to me in the Bridal Suite.

One of the 2 large arrangements at the front of the church.

Simple, small pew flowers

My lovely bouquet

The boys' bouts lined up on the piano.

Next I went through the set up of the flowers at the reception with the florist.  It was a little complicated because the venue had a large variety of tables, so I made a coded poster floor plan.  After explaining my scribblings to the florist, they went off to set up the reception.

We had a bit of time to relax and enjoy some conversation.

My cousins showed up to lend a hand with the last of the programs and join in the fun.

I even took a moment to fix up MOH Micah's manicure.  Who says the bride gets waited on hand and foot? :)

The last thing I did before taking my turn in the beauty chairs was get Ross' present ready.

I wrote Ross and loving note.

Ross' card, a book, and his present wrapped in cute duck wrapping paper.  
Ready and waiting to be delivered.


  1. Love all the colors in your flowers :) This makes me excited because I just booked my florist today!

  2. love the duck thing... and the flowers are so pretty.