Monday, 18 April 2011

Bathroom Redo

I already showed you the before.
So here's the after:

New view from the door.
Not to shabby, eh?
Especially for under £20...

So here's what I did.
I knew I wanted to paint the walls a light yellow colour, so we headed to B&Q (like Home Depot) and perused the paint selection.  I found a few contenders, but they were all a bit pricier than I'd have liked.  Then I had a brain wave and checked next to the paint counter to see if they had any custom mix returns or anything that was marked down.  Lo, and behold- JACKPOT!  I scored a gallon bucket of kitchen grade paint in "Easter Morn" for only £10- 50% off.  I had more than enough for my little ole' bathroom, so maybe our kitchen will turn "Easter Morn" someday too :)
I also picked up one of these

It was a bit pricey at £3.58, but it let me roll behind the radiator so it was totally worth it.
I also bought a paint tray for £1 from the Pound Store. 

Here's an action painting shot.
Yes, it would have been easier to move all of the stuff out of the window sill prior to painting, but that' not what I did.  So, ner!  I prefer to awkwardly stand on the toilet and lean back in a manner that means I was very sore last night.

So that's all I actually bought for this project.  I used a hand paintbrush that we already had to cut in the edges and those cute little duck pictures that are hanging on the wall now had been bought at IKEA a few weeks ago, but I'd never gotten around to hanging them up.

I scavenged the orange bin for cleaning supplies (to the left of the toilet) and the crystal bowl for Ross' shaver from around the house.

After having moved the shelf unit and the laundry hamper out to paint, I realized I really liked how it was less crowded, so I nixed the hamper and moved the shelf to the hamper's old spot.  I moved some of the extra towels to the hall closet so there would be more room.  (I'm hoping to clear out that closet of some extra junk and create a linen closet section.)

So here's the surprise part of the redo.  The floor.
I hadn't planned to do anything with the floor even though it was annoying.  It was warped and rippled.  There had been a few occasions where the shower had gotten out of control and sprayed an excess of water on the floor.  

Anyway- I noticed that a corner was pretty loose, so I decided to pull it back and look to see what was underneath.  Imagine my surprise when I found wood effect tiles in apparently good condition.

I just kept on pulling...  It was a little stuck at some spots, but I got it up without too much hassle.  I couldn't believe that there was trapped moisture all underneath it.  It doesn't look perfect.  The tiles in the corner between the sink and tub are damaged, but I think it looks SOOO much better than the black floor.  It looks a lot brighter.

I'm so happy with the result of all my work and at only £14.58 it was definitely worth it!
Have you ever done more than you intended when doing a room makeover?
Or have you found something surprising?


  1. Love it! You're totally making me take action on my redecorating impulses. Decorating magazines, I'm coming for you....

    I love reading your blog, Meg. You're awesome!

  2. Thanks girl! Anita, Glad to be inspirational :)