Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Eggs!

So Easter eggs are pretty standard, right?
They look like this:

And then they get filled with candy like this:

Which are hidden and then this happens:

Not so much in England.  Ok- there might be the occasional egg hunt, but not to the degree that they are an institution in America.

Here in England, kids don't receive Easter baskets filled with plastic grass and little treats and candy.  They get these:
I have no idea who this woman is, but I figured it showed the scale of the eggs...

There are giant chocolate eggs in all different candy bar flavours.  There are ones that come in sets with kids plastic dishes and cups.  Ross says kids get one, or maybe two.  We were theorizing over lunch today that this has something to do with the different standards for chocolate in this part of the world. They are super-serious about chocolate in these parts.

As for egg dying or decorating, I haven't seen a single PAAS kit anywhere.  I guess they don't really do that either.  Wait I just consulted with Ross.  I asked about dying eggs.  His response?  An incredulous, "Dye?!? No.  They sometimes paint them, but not so much any more."

It's funny what cultural traditions seem so commonplace until you see how someone else does it!  What cultural traditions are sort of weird when you think about them?  
Any expats out there bringing some American-style Easter to England?  Whatcha doin?


  1. My British friend bought food coloring and dyed eggs for us to hunt for at the Masai Lodge this weekend so there are *some* Brits who are aware of this tradition. Maybe Cheerio is just out of the loop. (hehe, Cheerio. loop. I'm easily amused this am.)

  2. The woman in that picture is Jo Swinson MP.