Friday, 8 April 2011

Etiquette of Ex's

Loyal Reader Micah posted an excellent suggestion for a post:

"...the need to sign off with xx and the meaning behind how many you include.  Discuss."

This is certainly a difference between American and English culture.  Nearly all communications here in England (text, email, written) seem to end in these little marks "xx".  It's not something I've gotten the hang of yet.

It seems to me that the etiquette is as follows:
- "xx" is standard for anything.  Seriously- a text message from an acquaintance usually ends in 2 x's
-"xxx" is for close friends or family members.
-"xxxx" (or more) is for romantic partners or on cards from children.

Am I right?  Please feel free to discuss how you use ex's in your written communications.


  1. Why are you sending text messages to exes? ;)

  2. Hahaha! You're hilarious.

  3. i blogged about this! such a minefield, i've found. eek.

  4. I've found that one x will do in sign off on text messages, but two seems to be standard for emails and three is if you're super loved by your friend. I've never gotten four, but then again I haven't dated a Brit.