Sunday, 10 April 2011

SYTYCD Disappointment

I big puffy heart LOVE So You Think You Can Dance.  It's one of my all time favourite shows ever.  I started watching it season 2 in America and was devoted thereafter.
I love the amazing choreography and seeing dancers grow and learn new styles.  It makes me feel like a dancer again.  After I watch it I find myself thinking "I could still do that."  No.  I could not.  I am certainly far from the dancing shape I was once in during my younger years.  Even then, though I was a solid dancer, I would hardly have made the top 20.  But that's the joy of reality TV.  I get to live vicariously.  The little dancer in me just digs it.

My very first recital.  I'm in the center of the back row.
We tapped to a song that went "A Sioux, A Sioux, I'm an indian too."

My darling Ross, knowing this was a total sweetheart and paid attention.  Last year, just before I arrived in England he noticed that the first season of SYTYCD UK would be airing.  He set a season record so that I could enjoy the awesomeness.  (All together now... Awwwwww.)

Well I watched the first season of SYTYCD UK, but it was not the awesomeness I'd become accustomed to in America.  I kept watching and thinking "I could do still do that."  And I probably could.  Seriously.  These dancers were pretty lame.  I listened to the judges wax rhapsodic about the mediocre dancing.  Even my beloved Cat Deeley didn't have the same glow anymore....

I later read an article that interviewed Nigel Lythgoe.  He basically acknowledged that the UK dancers couldn't hold a candle to the US dancers.  I think he attributed it largely to a cultural difference- something about kids not having the kind of dance training readily available in England that they have in the US.  And it's true.  I don't see dance studios around town.  There's a church at the end of our street and they have a dance school that uses their fellowship hall space on Saturdays, but that's about all I've seen.

Last year, I suffered through friends posting on FB about the amazing numbers performed on SYTYCD USA- jealousy burning in my soul.  The new season for the UK version started a few weeks ago and I've tuned in.  The live shows start next Saturday and I'm cautiously optimistic.  The standard seems much higher.  I remember hearing that the second season in the US was better than the first, so maybe it'll be awesome this season.  Fingers crossed.

Does anyone else experience delusions of grandeur after watching reality TV shows?
Anybody else checking out SYTYCD UK Season 2?

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