Sunday, 24 April 2011

What wedding?

I can't tell you how many times someone has referenced "the wedding" to me in conversation.
It takes me a few minutes to realize what they are talking about.
I search my consciousness for if a mutual friend of ours is getting married.  I am confused and start to say, "Actually, Ross and I are already married... close to a year and a half now..."
Then I realize.  I realize that they mean THE wedding.  The Royal Wedding.  Wills and Kate's.  William and Catherine's.  Duh.
Most times, it is an American asking this.  They seems far more intrigued than the Brits by the upcoming nuptials.

I admit to being vaguely curious, possibly slightly excited.  Not so much in an active way where I think about it, but if it comes up, I think, "Oooh, I wonder what her dress will look like... I bet the event will be really beautiful..."  I think about how much love I felt from all the people in attendance on our wedding day and how much Kate will be feeling from the throngs of people standing in the street just to glimpse her.  I can't imagine how overwhelming that would be.
I'm sure we'll watch it on TV.  If I had any friends here I'd probably even put together a fun little party with cute decorations.  More because it's fun to make a fuss than because I'm that into it.

We went to the Royal Exchange Theatre last night and saw this print in their craft shop:

It's kinda cute, and only 16 pounds*, but I can't imagine actually displaying it in our home.  
You can also get it screen printed on a canvas tote for a mere 8 pounds*.

There are other fun "commemorative" items out there.

Artsy Print 25 pounds*  (I think this one is actually quite charming)

Then Ross forwarded me an email that he'd received from a website.  It's the one that we used to search for our flat.  You can purchase the ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir**.  Or just be a little creepy and stalkerish.

*My American computer doesn't have a pound key.  I usually go to a word document and insert a pound symbol from the "special characters" section, then cut and paste it into my blog entries.  Today I'm lazy so I'm just typing out the word instead.  That said, just doing it would probably have been quicker than typing out this little explanation... oh well.
**Their language, not mine.  


  1. I know I haven't properly assimilated yet because I'm vaguely (okay, totally) obsessed with the wedding. Ashamed American I am!

  2. Ain't no shame in a little wedding obsession. It's kinda magical ;)