Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blog Nation?

I was talking with Ross the other day about the blog phenomenon.
He was telling me that he didn't think that blogs are as big of a deal in England as in America.  More specifically personal blogging isn't seen as much here.  Sure there are blogs that are connected to businesses/publications/newspapers.  There are blogs about technology or pop culture- but I'm talking about the kind of blogs I like to read (and write).

There are some seriously big blogstars out there:

These are people that have turned writing about their personal lives into serious money.  They've got thousands of readers, tons of publicity, book deals and even movies.  I can't find anyone like them that comes from/lives in England.

Is this just a cultural difference?  Maybe something to do with the non-profit culture so pervasive in the UK?
Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places?  Anyone care to point me in the right direction?


  1. Have you read amalah? She has her personal blog at amalah.com and writes the smackdown at alpha moms (http://alphamom.com/tag/advice-smackdown/)

    Not UK, but amusing.

  2. I think he might be right - is that what you out of your blog?

  3. @Wiley- Added to my reader. Thanks for the tip!
    @Betsy- I don't know. It was more general thinking that goal setting- though I wouldn't turn down anyone who wanted to give me money for my musings! :)

  4. Tell Ross you know this crazy woman in Dallas that has about 80 blogs in her google reader. It can be a slight addiction. BTW I follow young house love too.

  5. You're forgetting the success of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which was based on the UK of Belle De Jour... tsk tsk!

  6. Hmmm. I guess I didn't include it because, though it is technically a "real life" blog- it is a more fantastical one rather than normal everyday life. A fair point though.