Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WFW: In the beginning...

All this royal wedding stuff has me thinking about my own wedding.  About how awesome it was and how much I love my husband.  I didn't blog during the process of our wedding and I now wish I had.  So I'm going to blog if flashback style.  Those of you who are friends with me on facebook will have seen most of this before, so you'll just have to indulge me as I present Wedding Flashback Wednesdays (WFW).

I'm starting out this whole thing with a little background info.  I'll try to tell you briefly how we met.  You can find the super-short version here if you don't like details.

This picture documents our first meeting:

Photo downloaded from FB from Dave P., edited by me

Ross and I were both at a conference in Portland, OR in the summer of 2008.  You see we were both members of an improvisational group that has outposts all over the US and in Manchester, UK.  Each year the group holds a world championship that is a week of workshops and shows.  Ross and I had met in passing, but taken no real notice of each other.  Neither of us actually remembered that we'd both been in the workshop pictured above until we saw the picture later :) 
We finally connected the night before I was leaving to head home.  I don't even know how it really happened... We were at the nightly after-show party and were talking in a group.  Next thing I knew, it was just the 2 of us talking.  Ross went in for a kiss and I got coy.  We walked around downtown Portland for what felt like ages, just talking.  I finally let him kiss me.  We spent most of the night talking and getting to know each other.  
I thought I'd never see him again.  He had other ideas.  He stole my phone number out of my cell phone, all secret agent like.  Then we went and had our "first date" at Starbucks before my ride to the airport came to pick me up.  He handed me a card with his info and we kissed goodbye (somewhat awkwardly as our future Best Man Tom was unknowingly playing third wheel).  
Later when I was waiting for the plane to take off, I got a text message from Ross saying that he'd really enjoyed meeting me and hoped to keep in touch.  The next day he texted again.  We emailed back and forth for about a week.  Then he emailed and said, "I think I should come visit you."  YIKES!  My heart started racing.  Ross later told me that it was probably the bravest/scariest/stupidest/best thing he'd ever done.
A few weeks later, I took a week off work and Ross came to stay with me for a week.  Now that's what I call a second date.  It could have gone really badly.  I had friends convinced he was up to no good.  One even demanded as much identifying info as I had so that, in the event that he killed and dismembered me, she'd be able to hunt him down.  We had an amazing week and it told us what we already knew- we were on to something good.  
By the time he left, we'd promised to see each other again soon.  Ross actually managed the amazing feat of being with me for at least one day in each month since we met until we lived in the same country.  We had a few more visits and a million more emails and then Ross came to spend Christmas with my family and me.

Photo downloaded from FB from Jenn H., edit by me.
More proof of the undeniable initial attraction between Ross and myself.
Note how we are pretending to not even notice each other :)

Next up:  Happy New Year!

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