Monday, 4 April 2011


So today when Ross and I were walking through Manchester Town Centre we were engaging in one of our favourite pass-times.

Making fun of what people are wearing.  I know.  It sounds mean.  It's only a little.  At least that's what I tell myself... Anyway.  Most frequently, Ross or I will see someone wearing something of questionable taste and utter the simple phrase "Tell her no."  More often than not, the other person will actually say "No" when we pass the person in question.  No one's ever actually noticed.  It's fun and immature.  Don't judge me.

Back to today.  We were walking down the street and past a couple of women about my age.  I was distracted by one of the women's blindingly white orthopaedic-looking wedges that didn't go with her tan suit at all.  As we passed these women, I half heard Ross say "I don't know what kind of skirt that was."  I looked behind us to see what he was talking about and saw that the white-shoe'd lady's friend had a butt-cheek completely on display.  Yep.  Her skirt was accidentally tucked into her pantyhose.

I mostly noticed because a kindly man had stopped her and point out her wardrobe malfunction.  I didn't hear exactly what he said.  Something to the effect of "Excuse me, miss.  Your skirt is caught up".  But I did hear her response.  An embarrassed, "Oh, I'm sorry!"  Hilarious!  

Ross and I looked at each other and he said.  "Well I didn't know her skirt wasn't supposed to be like that!"

I once experienced the tucked-in dress myself.  At a friend's wedding.  A lovely gay man caught me before I got too far out of the restrooms.  I don't think I apologized to him.  I probably thanked him. :)

Have you ever had a case of the tuck-ins?
Do you make fun of what people are wearing?
What is the correct response when someone tells you that you're exposing yourself?  

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