Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Beating My Addiction

You are looking at reading the blog of a lady who is no longer ruled by soda.  Mostly.  I think.
I successfully weaned myself from 2 diet sodas a week to just one a week (on Wednesdays) with no problems at all.  After about a month of that I was ready (dare I say even eager) to cut back even further.
I'm now down to one soda every other Wednesday.  Today is an off week and I didn't even want one!  *GASP!*

This isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Clearly I operate best with rules, even if they are self-imposed.  


  1. 2 diet sodas a week does not an addiction make. I mean I felt really good that I limited my intake to only once a day.
    I'm sure with out a Sonic on every corner where you are it's easier to cut back.

  2. Lucinda, It's all about the wean. If I didn't have these self-imposed rules, I'd be a soda fiend! Oh how I used to love Sonic Happy Hours when I was in college :)