Tuesday, 12 April 2011

British Building Designers Hate Storage Part 2

AKA The Bathroom Makeover: Before

I've been itching to fix up our bathroom for ages.  Ross and I finally agreed that this is the week.
Here is what our bathroom looks like right now.  (Note:  I'm keeping it real with the mess and clutter.  No pre-photo tidying!)

The view from the door.

The wall to the left of the door.  
You can see the glass and metal shelf unit we use for towel storage on the left.

A closer view of the chaos that is the window sill.  I stood in the tub to take this picture.

The only enclosed storage in the bathroom- a medicine cabinet which we installed.
I stood on the toilet to take this picture.

One of the biggest differences between my old apartment in Dallas and our flat here is the bathroom.  If you'll notice there is one thing missing in the photo above.  See the title of this post for a hint.
My bathroom in Dallas had a long counter with 4 cabinets underneath, a built-in medicine cabinet, and even a weird narrow set of cabinets hiding behind the bathroom door which was perfect for storing my overflow products.  This bathroom has zero built-in storage.  The only place to put things really is in the bizarre deep window sill.  Which means it ends up filled with junk and messy and drives me crazy.  From what I've seen, our bathroom is not unusual in it's lack of storage.  What would it hurt to use a sink with a cabinet rather than a pedestal sink!?  Just one little cabinet.  Ugh.

Let's see how much impact we can make with our £20 budget.

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