Monday, 6 June 2011

Cover Your Ears


Before I got married, my Aunt Deb and Uncle Bob were in Dallas and we met up for dinner.  They're totally fun and I love seeing them.  When my Aunt was younger she spent some time living in different countries.  She was asking about Manchester as I'd recently been to visit for the first time.  

As the three of us drove to the restaurant my Aunt says, "Cover your ears, Bob" and then asks me if you can get tampons in Manchester.  I laughed and said that yes you can.  I thought this was hilarious on multiple levels.  The idea that tampons wouldn't be available in a large city in England was funny.   (Though I admit that after I said yes, I had brief second thoughts until I reassured myself.)  Obviously, my Aunt was thinking about the places that she spent time and how difficult it was to get feminine hygeine products way back when.   It was still funny.  

On the second and more awesome level- that she told my Uncle Bob to cover his ears before discussing the tampons.  So cute!  My Uncle is a father of two grown women who I'm sure has heard the word tampons multiple times.  I think this is ridiculous and adorable all at once.

So of course I told this story to Ross ASAP.  And that is how we came to give tampons our own special name.  Earlier today I told Ross I needed to stop at the drug store to get some "Cover Your Ears".

Do you have any special unique-to-you slang?
Do you have your husband cover his ears when you discuss lady garden stuff?


  1. Craig and I have lots of unique-to-us slang, of course I can't think of any at the moment :( boo! BUT I have to say the first time I heard the term 'lady garden' I was in hysterics giggling!!! immature of me? probably! but it's such a funny term I couldn't help myself :)

  2. Yes! My grandma used to call tampons and pads "wigwams for ducks to peek on." Do not ask me why!

    Now I say I have to go get wigwams and my husband knows what I mean.

    I just discovered your blog by the way and look forward to reading more. I'm a Brit who spent the last 24 years in Canada and the US and is now on her way home. I have a lot to learn about my old home!

  3. Awesome! I love things like that that make no sense- it makes them even more hilarious.
    Thanks for reading and good luck with the big move :)