Friday, 3 June 2011

Life in a Day

This past weekend, Ross and I had free tickets to a screening of a movie.
We hadn't heard of the film before we went, so had little idea what to expect.  We figured it was a morning out to see a free movie.  What did we have to loose?

I mean, we'd looked it up on IMDB and seen the basic premise and a couple of reviews- which were very positive.  A documentary shot all on one day- July 24, 2010-showing life around the world.  I hadn't looked into it too closely, obviously, because when we sat down in the theatre and the film rolled, it popped up a familiar name.

Oh great, I thought.  I've dragged myself to the movie theatre at 10:30 in the morning on a Saturday to see people getting hit in the crotch and falling over.  Or being sort of mean to kids.  Or something else stupid.

Boy was I wrong!  This movie was so good.  
It wove together some pretty interesting stuff that people sent in.  There was stuff that was obviously shot by professionals that made up a large part of the time, but there were little clips that were truly just some guy or girl or family filming their life.  It was surprisingly compelling.  Certainly interesting and surprisingly sad.   Even Ross really enjoyed it- and he doesn't like any movie that doesn't star Laurel and Hardy (I'm only slightly exaggerating).  The film covered a whole range of human emotion.  There were bits that were funny, sad, surprising, cute, heartbreaking, shocking and appalling.  I think I felt everything possible during the course of the movie.  

The most interesting thing about the movie was the overall arc that they took.  There didn't seem to be any obvious agenda that was pushed (like environmentalism or anti-war).  It touched on these subjects, but in a very even way that left things open to interpretation- which made it all the more interesting.  I won't say too much more in case you want to see it yourself. 

I highly recommend that you go see this movie.*  We'd even pay to see it again- and just might!  I know it's playing at The Corner House in Manchester next week, so check your local Art House Cinema.  According to IMDB, it's release date in the US is July 24, 2011.  It's gorgeously shot and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Here's a trailer to whet your appetite:

You can see other clips on the film's YouTube channel.

Do you like to fully research stuff before you see it or do you go in blind?
What's the last movie you saw that really moved you?

*The movie people don't know about my little old blog.  I just think this is a cool movie that you might not hear about otherwise.

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  1. Trailer was very interesting. I hope it comes here to my neck of the woods.