Monday, 27 June 2011

I've never heard of that... Cliff Richard

In this series, we previously took a look at 80's Tunes.  This time, we'll take a look at a huge popstar- Cliff Richard.

I settled on this topic because it's Wimbledon time.  Some of you may wonder what the connection is.  Well I'll tell you.  We were watching a show about the history of Wimbledon and it featured as one of the top moments of Wimbledon a little clip featuring Sir Cliff himself.  After we'd watched it, I asked Ross is I didn't know who Cliff was because I'm too American or because I'm too young.  He answered that it was most likely due to my American-ness.  The clip in question?  An impromptu Wimbledon concert:

Though virtually unknown in America, Cliff has a fairly unique distinction of having had a UK number one in every decade from the 1950's to 2000's.  He has also sold more singles than any other artist in the UK.  

I asked Ross about which songs of note I should include in this post.  You should know, he was unable to sing them for me without dancing around.  It's pretty cute.

I'll now leave you with a few choice hits for your enjoyment.

In 1963 a cheesy movie musical was released called Summer Holiday.  This song, from the soundtrack became a huge hit.  It's fairly apropos, as Sir Cliff has never married.

In 1968, Cliff Richard's "Congratulations" took 2nd place at the Eurovision Song Contest- losing by just 1 point!  At least one major restaurant chain uses this to herald patron's birthdays, rather than the traditional Birthday song.

And one final amusing tidbit:
In 1972, he was refused admittance to Singapore because his hair was too long.

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  1. I think Dawn French refers to Sir Cliff Richard in one of her Vicar of Dibley episodes... I never got the joke. next time I watch that episode I'll know who he is! :)