Monday, 13 June 2011

Random thoughts on TV

1.  The other day we were watching TV.  A trailer came on for the miniseries The Kennedys.  It looks pretty good actually.  My mom and dad watched it when it aired in the US and says it was enjoyable.  

But the actual miniseries is not what I'm going to talk about today.  The trailer in the UK, features the song High Hopes.  I don't know if you've heard it before...

Ross wondered aloud about the song choice.  He said that, other than the title of the song, the lyrics don't seem to apply to the content of The Kennedy story that much.  Then he thought about it some more and said, "No... the BBC wouldn't do that..."  When I asked what he meant, he walked over to the shelf in our lounge and pulled out a DVD case.  

Personal Picture

This is the movie that the song High Hopes comes from.  
So is this some sly joke (of questionable taste) from the BBC or an awkward coincidence?

2.  This commercial has been airing on TV lately.

The woman in this ad is Lisa Snowdon.  She is a 39 year old British model.  Though you might not call her a supermodel, she's certainly a big-ish deal.  Americans might know her name from her 5 year (on-and-off) relationship with one George Clooney.  If you do an image search, they mostly come up of her in various states of undress.  
My point is this- the ad seems a strange marketing tactic.  The message appears to be "Buy our swimsuit.  It's so good that even a gorgeous model feels confident whilst wearing it."  I mean she looks nice in this one piece, but for the point of the ad to be valid, she should look mind-blowingly awesome looking in it (or they should have- shocking!- used someone who actually needs a body boost to illustrate their key marketing point).  Maybe M&S is going for the very narrow niche market of ageing models?

3.  The second season of So You Think You Can Dance UK ended tonight (I'm writing this Saturday night).  I'm only slightly gloating (I'm not sure to whom since the only person I talk to about this- or actually most things- is Ross) that my absolute favorite and top pick from day one- Matt Flint- won.

As I said before, this season was a million times better than last.  There were some really good dance numbers.  A few that even gave me chills.  That said, I feel like I'm missing out.  Whenever I see a status update about SYTYCD on Facebook from one of my friends in America, I'm sad.  I felt moved by the American version way more often.  I'd guess that I had chills at least once a week.  As much as an improvement that this season was- it still wasn't enough.  I'll take that back.  The boys were pretty darn impressive.  Here's the Paso Doble featuring the top 3 boys from last week.  HAWT!

These three guys had totally different styles and physical attributes but they pull it together and gel as a group- something the girls never quite managed.  The girls had much more similar styles and bodies, yet always looked a hot mess whilst dancing as a group.  I'm all for girl power, but in this instance- BOYS RULE!!

That's all.  

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  1. I LOLed at the song connection. That is really unfortunate!

    The first live So-Dance (as my friends call it) was on here last night. There are some amazing dancers this year!