Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WFW: One last project

I woke up pretty early on January 2, 2010.  I was excited and ready for the big day!
As I was getting in the shower, I knocked a huge bottle of Advil on the floor.
My dad had already taken a shower, so the floor was a little damp.  By the time I got out of the shower there was a big pile of terracotta colored water and wet white powder.  It was a mess, but I didn't care because I was getting married!!!

Our first stop of the day was the reception venue.   My dad and brother put out a sign to indicate the parking lot the guest should use and a banner which pointed the way from the lot to the venue.  While they were doing that, mom and I were inside checking everything over.  I did a once over and realized that the table cloths hadn't been layered the way we'd discussed.  Luckily they hadn't gotten very far with the set up and was able to get it sorted.  I then went around and put table numbers on the correct tables.  I set up a table with all of the extras I'd made to show the workers how all the tables should be set and they were happy to take it from there.  We then set up the escort card display and gave the coordinator a few other things to set out.  After one last check around, we were ready to head to the church.

It was a gorgeous day, crisp and sunny.  When we arrived at the church we went to the Parlour which would be the girls' base of operations.  The room was perfect for that purpose.  It was light and airy and a familiar place (as I'd spent tons of time there for various church activities).  The sun streamed through the windows.

Then I started to finish the final project of the day- the programs.  Now, my original plan for these involved a cardstock cover with a vellum monogram on it, but a few days before the wedding I said "to heck with it" and simplified.  I knew the stress of putting them together would be more than the pleasure of having fabulous programs.  In the end, they turned out perfectly fine and got the job done.  They were a fine project to keep me busy on the morning of the wedding, but simple enough that I wasn't too stressed.

I folded, punched holes, and tied with ribbon.  Easy peasy... except that it took ages!
Luckily before too long, the cavalry arrived and I had plenty of hands to help.  

If this isn't the world's greatest "before" for a Bridal Before & After, I don't know what is...

We folded and punched and threaded and tied.  But most importantly, we laughed.  We laughed really hard.  It was the perfect way to start the day.  I had something to do, but it was easy and I had help- and I had great company to keep me calm and focused. 

Next up it was time to start getting pretty.

All photos in this post by Shari Hunt


  1. You're right, that is a brilliant before photo :)

  2. the pictures are amazing, you look so happy.