Friday, 17 June 2011

Sticky Orange Cake

Today's recipe is one made with an ingredient I'd never noticed in the States.  You may be able to get it there,  but I've never seen it-  (Someone let me know!)  Golden Syrup.  This cake is sticky and sweet.  If I were making it again, I'd use a deeper cake tin as it seemed to overflow the one that I used.

Start by preheating the oven to 180C/355F. 
Zest 2 oranges into the food processor.  You might have noticed that I use this micrograter thing a lot.  It's one of my favourite kitchen tools and makes zesting way easier than with one of those regular ones.

Grease your cake pan.  Don't use a loose bottomed or springform tin or the syrup will leak out.

Slice the skin and pith away from 4 oranges.  Then slice the oranges into fairly thick rounds.  A serrated knife works best for this.

Drizzle 6 tbsps of golden syrup on the bottom of the cake pan.

Pick out the prettiest orange rounds and arrange them on the bottom of the pan.

Put the rest of the orange slices in the food processor with the zest and chop them finely.

Add to the food processor 200g of butter (14 tbsps or 7/8 cup),

200 g brown sugar (1 loosely packed cup),

200g (1 2/3 c) self raising flour and 100g (1 cup) ground almonds,

1 tbsp. baking powder,

and 4 eggs.

Mix it all together.

Spoon it into the cake pan.

Bake for 45-50 minutes until the cake is firm (as always, check to see if a knife comes out clean).  You can see here that the cake is a bit uneven and overflowing the pan like I mentioned.  Let the cake rest for about 5 minutes.

Flip the cake out of the pan onto a plate. MMMmmmm, sticky gooey goodness.

To serve you can drizzle with more syrup.  Best warm.


  1. Wow that looks decadent!

    We can get Golden Syrup here but only in the little British import section of the grocery stores (we have a few that do British imports). I think the only time I've ever actually eaten it is on Pancake Tuesday when my mum used to let us pour it all over our pancakes. Yum!

  2. Yup, I bought it at a specialty foods store back in the States when I tried out a recipe for flapjacks! It was def hard to find though.

  3. Good to know. I guess you can get most things as a specialty store, but you pay a premium for them... Ross was shocked at how expensive cheap old regular British tea was at Central Market. It made him want to go into the export business!

  4. Our local supermarket sells golden syrup in the British import section, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the baking section too. Tetleys British Blend is a good option for tea - MUCH cheaper than Tetley's is over here!

  5. Wow, that looks really good. I'd never heard of golden syrup, is it like white caro syrup? I think Vernon had some but I don't know what it is used for. I saw some real Canadian Maple syrup at his local grocery store. I was pretty stoked about that! My next visit I'm bringing some real Upper Michigan maple syrup.