Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer songs

There's nothing like a bright sunny day to put me in a good mood.
The weather in Manchester this week has been all over the map.  We've gone from needing heavy coats to pouring rain to warm and sunshiney delightfulness.  Some of those all in the same day.

So here are some songs that are currently on the radio here that fit with my bounce around frivolity this time of year.

I may or may not dorkily sing the part about 
"loving you more everyday" while making shmoopy eyes at Ross.

Pop fluff that apparently sounds the same as nearly 
every other song this band has recorded, but since it's my first Quo tune,
I feel no guilt in bopping to this cheesy fun.

There's a reason that Take That are a huge pop band here.
This song makes me want to sing "Love, Love".  
And now that I've seen this performance, I want to throw my hands up when I sing it ;)

I hope you've enjoyed these musical treats and that you're basking in some sunshine!


  1. We should get an ointment for those 'shmoopy' eyes.

  2. You have great taste, I enjoyed those songs. never heard of any of them.... and did I see Robbie Williams in the third one? I felt like dancing.

  3. Thanks! It sure was Robbie. Take That was his first foray into the spotlight. It's quite controversial. It was Gary Barlow's vehicle originally, but Robbie ended up having a huge solo career that was unexpected.