Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The greatest word in the history of the world*

I love the word "y'all".  That might sound like an overstatement and perhaps it is.  I mean I'm not a total psycho about it, but come on.  Let's admit it.  It's awesome.  I guess it's my Texas upbringing that gives me such fondness for the word.  It is certainly the best way to indicate that one is speaking to a group of people.  
I've already got Ross using it and I'm not stopping there!  I want to turn y'all into a global phenomenon.

I've heard some southern transplants lament the fact that this gem has crept into their vocabularies.  Why!?  It's a lovely little word.  It get's the point across and it rolls right off the tongue.  Tell me what better word or phrase there is to take it's place?  The midwestern "youse guys"?  I think not.  "Everyone"?  Where's the charm in that?

Now this brings me to one final point about my beloved word.  It is y'all.  Y-apostrophe-A-L-L. It is NOT, under any circumstances "ya'll".  It seriously brings out a case of my crazies when I see it spelled this way.  Just think about it.   It is a contraction of the words "you" and "all".  The apostrophe takes the place of the "O" and "U".  It is pronounced exactly like it looks with the "y" flowing gently into the "all".  If it were "ya'll" it would be a contraction of what exactly?  "Ya" and "all"?  "Ya" isn't even a word.  And it would be pronounced with an awful and halting "ya" sound followed by a guttural "lllll".  Sick and wrong I say!  Sick and wrong!

So, dear readers, please strive to incorporate the word "y'all" into your daily vocabulary.  But only if you spell it correctly ;)

What is your favourite regional word?
My fav in Northern England so far is the use of "Ta" for "Thank you".  It sounds so friendly and sweet.

*Perhaps the slightest bit of an exaggeration.  But y'all don't blame me, right?


  1. I'm with you! I'll help you spread the gospel!!

    Also, if you watch "Keeping Up Appearances" Onslow says "Ta" all the time :)

  2. I would rather say Y'all than Youse... folks up here in Upper MI say youse and it sounds atrocious... being an English major and a stickler for grammar... I just cringe every time I hear it.

  3. I had no idea how often I used the word until I moved here; I just never noticed it in my day to day vocabulary until people started pointing it out. But I'm definitely on the bandwagon and already converting people to the greatness that is "y'all" left and right over here. Some are a bit more stubborn but I think I'll get them to come around eventually.