Wednesday, 8 June 2011

WFW: Men's Lunch

While the girls were off having a lovely morning, the boys were having fun too!
I got the idea for the men to go do something together from my cousin Erin's wedding the summer before ours.  The boys went out for burgers and beers while the ladies had their luncheon.  I thought it would be fun for our guys to get together too.  Ross picked one of his favorite restaurants, Roasters, and the boys all met up for a leisurely lunch.  (I just looked up Roaster's to link to their website and- oh no!- they've closed.)  I'm pretty sure the main reason Ross chose it is because they had jars of pickles out on the tables.

The boys enjoying their lunch.  See those jars of pickles?
Sour and half-sour.  FYI, half-sour is where it's at.

The other end of the table.

Best Man Tom with a mouth full of tasty deli food.
Behind him, you can see that our little ring bearers and their dad were able to join in too!

Afterwards, the boys sat around and talked.  There was also some game on TV, so some of them watched that.  Ross had no idea what was going on when several of them started saying "Bad spot.  Bad spot."

Ross was in charge of handing out the presents.  You can see my brother holding his in the picture above.
The groomsmen got silver journal and pen sets engraved with their names.  I tried to show you a picture of them via Things Remembered, but for some reason I "don't have permission to access their website from my server".  They also got their bowties for the wedding- packaged in the same handy orange tins as some of the ladies' presents.  Our friend, Ian, who sang at the wedding got an engraved desk set with a pen and calculator thingie.

Our littlest wedding party members got banks, engraved with their names.  Apparently a wedding is a time for engraving things...
A very cool pirate ship for Lliam.

 A train for little brother Toby.


  1. I heart the banks.

    It turns out I can't comment on anything with google account!!!!!!

  2. Aren't they fun? I was particularly enamoured with the pirate ship.

  3. I love the little banks! While I was in college, I worked at the mall at Things Remembered. What a great little store!